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Career or family moves, trauma, divorce or loss?


  • My effective, supportive programs are tailored to you

  • We start where you are, and then add support for your new direction

  • Each session is hands-on, in person or by phone or Zoom

  • You’ll leave each session with a simple action plan


I help you re-connect with your Joy and Purpose after major life changes,

career or family moves, trauma, divorce or loss

Thriving during a painful divorce

A distraught mother, going through a painful divorce, brought her son for help with his defiant behavior. After working with me, not only was she far calmer and more confident in her ability to deal with her divorce, but she tearfully said to me “you’ve given me my boy back”. She later brought her younger boy when his risky behavior scared her, and within a few sessions they were back on track.

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Going through a major life change?
Would you like to not go through it alone?
Let's talk. Call me, 510-531-9729.
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