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1. What do you do?

I help you get your life back when you’re NOT over it (and everyone else thinks you should be).


2. How long does it take to get results? How many sessions?

Results are usually immediate, often lasting, and build as we work through the layers. Most difficult challenges are multi-layered, and longer programs are more effective for lasting results.


3. How long will the results last?  

Generally, results are long-lasting, many permanent. However, if you experience stress or trauma in the future, you may need to come back for a tune-up package.


4. What is my investment in your program?  

My programs range from $2059 to $759.


5. Do you accept Visa?

Yes, I accept credit cards via PayPal.


6. Do you teach classes?   

If you’re interested in a class, let’s talk. I’d be glad to put you on my wait-list.



All sessions are prepaid and scheduled on receipt of payment. 48 hours advance notice of cancellation required to avoid cancellation charges. No show typically forfeits full cost.



Payment for programs is non-refundable.



I discovered my life’s passion when I came across the human potential movement during my senior year in high school. I was lucky enough to find a nearby training center during my first semester in college, and I became a trainer with them. In the years since, I’ve sought ways to integrate the body, mind, heart and spirit, to experience happiness and do my best work - I’ve studied a wide variety of methods, combining them in my practice.


I have been helping people of all ages, with all kinds of challenges, focus and enjoy their lives since the 1970s. I love helping people as a guide, mentor and coach, and I create a fun, relaxed space in which to create your new life.


I’ve recently come out of 6 years of family crises and lost many loved ones through death. I’m inspired to offer what got me through it, so others can go through that firestorm and come out with fewer scorch marks.

If you are going through major life changes, and want help getting your life back, let’s talk.

Call me, 510-531-9729.

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